Our Founder & President, Chris Pistorius was recently featured in an interview done by UpCity, below is the transcript of that interview.


upStanding out as an agency is no easy task, and we’ve found one that has taken a unique approach to servicing clients by providing honest, transparent marketing services to one particular niche, dentists. KickStart Dental Marketing has done a remarkable job positioning themselves as an expert in the industry and we were excited to interview Chris Pistorius, founder and President of this agency that helps dental practices increase their profitability and thrive.

UpCity: Tell us how your agency got started?

Chris: I was working for a big local media firm running the Internet marketing side of their business. I dealt with hundreds of small business and regional business owners and the more I talked to them, the more apparent it became to me that times were changing and it was getting more and more difficult for those small businesses to get traffic and customers. They were getting constant calls from advertising sales reps and companies and they weren’t sure where to begin or who to do business with, most often resulting in no action at all.

The realization that there was this gap in the marketplace and small businesses needed a different and unique approach to online marketing was my “ah ha” moment in creating an agency that leveraged my past experience and helped small businesses grow their business.

UpCity: How long did it take for you to grow and expand the
employee base?

Chris: When we first began in 2009, it was just a one-man show with
me focusing on the city of Denver only. I would walk into businesses and
try to get people to talk to me. From a staffing standpoint, I knew early
on that I could handle a certain amount of clients before I needed to add
client success managers. At the time I had contractors for web design and
did the SEO by myself to provide a full service agency. But as the number
of clients grew, I had to add more people to manage a higher volume of

UpCity: When managing the growth of your business, do you
have specific core areas that you focus on with your clients?

Chris: Once we decided we would only focus on the dental industry,
we approached the growth of that segment in three ways:

1. Go directly to the dentists and get them to sign on. This was our
strategy in the beginning, and while we still do this occasionally, most
of our business is referrals from previous and current dental clients.

2.  Partner with traditional dental consultants with their own network
of dentists that will refer dentists to us if they feel they could benefit
from marketing help or assistance. As a result, we are able to receive
inbound referrals and leads consistently when consultants
recommend us to their network of dentists.

3.  Focus on inbound marketing efforts such as writing blogs and posts
on sites such as DentalTown that generate inbound activity.

With these three areas in mind, we are able to take on more clients and
successfully maintain our growth. We recently added a management layer
to help grow and manage the business side of the agency, and we now have
7 full-time employees and a handful of contractors as needed.

UpCity: Were there any immediate challenges you had to face in the beginning?

Chris: In the beginning, we grew quickly and covered many industries. We had to learn about each industry quickly, and we weren’t able to become experts in every field we were covering so it didn’t always work out. What we then found was that by focusing on a specific industry or niche, we would be more successful and provide the most value to our clients.

UpCity: Was it an easy decision to focus on the dental industry?

Chris: Yes, we already had a handful of dentists throughout the country and we knew their challenges and lingo so well that it was a natural progression to focus on that industry. Once this decision was made, we decided to operate as two agencies: The original agency, named iFuse Internet Marketing, continued to operate targeting local small businesses. The second, named KickStart Dental Marketing, was specifically designed to aggressively attack the dental industry nationwide

UpCity: What products or services does your agency specialize in?

Chris: We employ an integrated marketing philosophy and leverage a
full suite of marketing tools and proven methodologies to drive the best
results for our clients.

We have created a “fully-done” for your marketing system that is ran by a team of dental marketing experts. This allows our clients to get the best, most proven marketing strategies in one place, managed by the same company.

We handle all aspects of online marketing and specialize in SEO, reputation management, pay per click advertising, website design, social media marketing, live patient chats, mobile, and local listings. It’s important to us to integrate proven online marketing methods todeliver the best strategy that yields results.

UpCity: Do you have a favorite success story from one of your
clients that you could share with us?

Chris: I actually have a lot of them! But one pediatric dental practice in
Indianapolis stands out in my mind. We took them from zero presence
online to having a positive online presence in just a few months. By
utilizing the Internet as a phonebook and making sure the practice was
easily searchable on the right directories we built up their presence all
over the web as quickly as possible.

UpCity: How do you see your company evolving in the next 5 years?

Chris: Our goal is to keep our clients ahead of the curve with more
emphasis on mobile, paid ads, and whatever is coming around the
corner on social media. Keeping a pulse on the market trends, whether
it is testing Facebook ads or Twitter copy is what will keep us moving
forward and to continue to be a valuable asset to our clients.