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Dr. Patra Alatsis, Tacoma Orthodontics

You can trust an orthodontist marketing company that has been around for over ten years, has a stellar reputation in the market place, and has been awarded a top dental marketing agency three years in a row! Our team of top-level marketers has helped many orthodontists achieve their practice goals. Whether it is expanding their current practice, adding more locations, preparing their practice for sale, or looking for a temporary spark, we have been the team to help.

New patient marketing for orthodontists is not a get it set up and forget about it type of thing. However, we see many other dental marketing companies do this, especially the larger companies with lots of clients. Using this strategy is the only way that they can scale their services to many clients. Orthodontists need a real marketing strategy that will get results, a plan that is carefully customized for you and is managed daily by a team of experts.

Our proven strategy is customized for each of our orthodontic clients. This strategy is a step-by-step process that has proven, again and again, not just to increase new patient flow, but to improve patient flow with the “right” kind of new patients.

Our Straightforward Orthodontic Marketing Strategy

1) Build a Best-In-Class Website That Converts Clicks Into New Patients (great website, landing pages, live chat)

2) Attract the Right Kind of New Patients (SEO, Google Ads, Faceboook Ads)

3) Build & Show Off Your Great Online Reviews (online review building, review response, review commercials)

4) Help You Become a Local Authority & Build Your Brand (press releases, local community sponsorships)

5) Help You Convert More Calls Into Patients (instant new lead follow-ups, call auditing, front office call training)

6) Track Results, Real Results & Provide World-Class Customer Service (tracking actual new patient leads, proactive communication)

You can also read about all of the details of our system on our how we help page.

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