a few of the reasons why dentists typically decide to work with us…

they need more new patients

One of the biggest challenges for dental practices is to generate enough traffic, leads and new patient counts with their marketing efforts. A recent study found that 50% of marketing budgets earmarked for lead generation are unsuccessful.

they aren't sure what their Unique Selling Proposition is

In today’s market, you have to be able to distinguish yourself from other dentists, there is just too much competition. Basic things like quality, service, etc. are not good enough to be a good USP.

their current marketing company isn't getting the job done or they have been burned in the past

Unfortunately this is pretty common. Some marketing companies  will take money and do little or no work thus driving almost no results. Then by the time the dentist figures it out they have already spent thousands and has nothing to show for it.

they don't know if their current marketing is working

Here is a bit of free advice – just asking a patient where they heard about you is not good enough. Dental practices need to track their marketing efforts to a tee, so they know what is working and what isn’t. The tracking should be directly tied to new patients – at the end of the day it’s about driving more net income.

they don't know how to get more reviews from their patients online & to places that matter

New patients and even word of mouth referrals are looking up a dentists online reviews before they pick up the phone. A dentist needs new reviews coming in to places like Google, Healthgrades, Facebook and Yelp on a weekly basis.

they aren't sure if their front desk is as good as it should be at scheduling new patient appointments

This is a tough one, sometimes dentists have had the same person answering the phones for 20 years, or they have a new person in that position. Are they trained to be as efficient as possible to schedule new patients? Are they treating your patients the way that you want them to?