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We have taken the time to interview companies that offer valuable services to dental practices. We want to provide a resource of trusted companies that our clients or any dental practice can take advantage of.

Debi Carr – CEO of DK Carr & Associates

Technology / Data Security / HIPPA Compliance

Listen to my interview with Debi Carr of DK Carr & Associates. Debi Carr is the CEO of DK Carr and Associates, LLC a technology systems and security consulting firm. She has over 22 plus years of private practice management experience and over 30 years of experience in technology and security. She assists dentists in obtaining and maintaining HIPAA HITECH Compliance including performing risk analysis and team security training.

Debi talks about the things that most dentists don’t think about in terms of securing their websites and data. The risks involved with ignoring this are very high!

DK Carr & Associates
(844) 352-2771