The Agency

We are born out of the idea that we could help
dentists win online

Partner with us and start dancing today

KickStart Dental Marketing is a full-service dental marketing agency, born out of the idea that we can help dentists & orthodontists win online by providing great a marketing strategy, creativity and leveraging technology to get great results.

We can manage one service, your entire digital business, or anything in between.

Our world-class dental marketing services are perfect for a dentist who is looking to grow their practice.

From startups to established dental practices, our top-notch team gives your company a competitive edge and helps you win online.


Our Core Values


Be Resourceful / Focused on Impact / Solutions Oriented / Problem Solvers:

At KickStart, we value resourcefulness, focusing on impact, and being solution-oriented problem solvers. We tackle challenges head-on, always seeking efficient and effective solutions to make a meaningful difference.

Communicative / Teamwork / Not being Siloed / Do the Right Thing / Empathetic / Transparency:

Our core values emphasize communication, teamwork, integrity, empathy, and transparency. We believe in open dialogue, collaboration across teams, doing what’s right, understanding others’ perspectives, and fostering a culture of trust and honesty.

Act as an Owner / Lead without Title:

Every team member is encouraged to act as an owner and take initiative, regardless of their title. We empower individuals to lead through their actions, taking ownership of their work and contributing to the company’s success.

Growth Mindset / Continuous Self Improvement / Hungry for Achievement:

We embrace a growth mindset, where continuous self-improvement and a hunger for achievement are celebrated. Our culture encourages learning, adaptability, and the pursuit of excellence as we strive to reach our full potential.

Committed to Excellence / Detail Oriented / Hard Working:

Our commitment to excellence drives us to be detail-oriented and hardworking in all that we do. We set high standards for ourselves, paying attention to the smallest details, and working diligently to consistently deliver exceptional results.