Google Ads for Dentists

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What Are google Ads?

Google Ads is a powerful tool for dental practices looking to enhance their online visibility and attract more patients. By leveraging the world’s largest search engine, dental practices can reach a vast audience actively seeking dental services. Google Ads allows for targeted campaigns, using specific keywords to attract potential patients directly to your dental website. With the right strategy, these ads can drive qualified leads and significantly boost your practice’s online presence. Our team at KickStart Dental Marketing specializes in creating effective Google Ads campaigns specifically for dentists, ensuring your practice stands out in a competitive digital landscape.

Key Takeaways

Expert Campaign Optimization

Rely on our seasoned expertise for superior Google Ads performance. We fine-tune your campaigns to efficiently use your budget, enhancing visibility and patient acquisition.

Strategic Keyword Selection

Choosing impactful keywords is vital for campaign success. We excel in selecting specific, effective keywords, ensuring your ads reach the right audience for optimal results.

Comprehensive Ad Management

Our service covers every aspect of your campaign. From identifying your practice’s unique aspects to using advanced Google Ads tactics, we turn your ads into a robust growth strategy.

Efficient Budget Management

Maximizing your budget for the best outcomes is our goal. We focus on high-value keywords, reducing waste while increasing patient engagement and your online presence.

Google Ads for Dentists That Get Results

Digital marketing is more complex than it appears initially. Without professional assistance, it can become a frustrating trial-and-error process with a steep learning curve. Cut to the head of the class by partnering with Kickstart Dental Marketing.
Our experienced team will help you create winning Google ads campaigns that drive qualified leads to your site.

Why Choose a Google Ads Campaign?

Google ranks as the world’s largest search engine, blowing the competition out of the water. The phrase “google it” gives clear evidence of the search engine’s popularity. If you choose to advertise with the site, you become part of a machine that drives almost seven billion searches every day.

You don’t, however, need that search volume to be successful, and this is where Google search ups the ante for your dental PPC campaign. You can create online marketing campaigns tailored to every new patient in your target audience.

By targeting the correct search term, creating an enticing ad, and ensuring landing page relevance, you can create a winning PPC advertising campaign. Best of all, you pay for results—but only if someone clicks on your ad through to your business profile.

How Google Search Ads Work

With Google AdWords for dentists, you target specific search terms or keywords. You then bid on how much you will pay when someone takes action on your ad. You can opt to pay for:

  • Views of your Google ads campaign
  • Click through rate
  • Clickthroughs to your dental clinic landing pages

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? In reality, however, you must compete with every other dentist in the area using the same technique. If they word their ads better or pay more per bid, their ads will appear more often.

It’s here that experience becomes invaluable in optimizing your ad campaign without blowing your budget. To better understand this, it helps to know how Google determines the best answer for a search query. The algorithm considers the searcher’s:

  • Location
  • Browsing history
  • Intent

Google will then display the ads for dental patients above the search results. This shows how search engines can drive more traffic to your site. You can, therefore, improve the advertising of your dentistry practice with keyword research.

Starting Your First Google Campaign

You can easily create a Google ad with the instructions on-site. The downside, however, is that finding the best keywords to target for ads may prove difficult. You can use the Google Keyword Tool to get ideas of search terms and volumes, but this can be tricky.

Ideally, you want a low-competition keyword with enough search volume to make it worthwhile. In such cases, it pays to be specific with Google ads. Try something like “endodontist in Windemere, Orlando,” rather than “dental practices in Orlando, Florida.”


The goal here aims to create ads to entice new patients. While many more searches occur for a dentist than an endodontist, broad targeting ads may be a waste of money if you have a specialist practice.

Our team works with Google every day and knows how to get results with every ad. Don’t waste time trying to figure it out for yourself when you can better spend that time treating your patients.

Examples of keywords we might target in your ad include the following:

  • Local Dentist
  • Dental Practices
  • Family Dentist
  • Orthodontist
  • Dental Treatment
  • Emergency Dentist
  • Dental Implants

We can narrow it down further by explaining the type of dentist, for example, cosmetic dentist. Then we can take your ad a step further by adding the area you serve to ensure the ad brings feet through the door.

Should You Target More Than One Area in Your Ads?

This depends on which areas of your community you serve. See where most of your customers or ideal customers live and target those areas. You can encompass other areas in your ad if you believe that clients will drive to your clinic.

The concept here is to improve your pool of potential leads but still be realistic. If your office is located in Orlando, showing up in an ad at the top of a Google page in Brisbane, Australia, will not offer any useful leads for you. You need clients within driving distance. You can select cities, neighborhoods, regions, or zip codes.

Set Your Budget for Google Ads

Another useful feature of Google Ads includes making it difficult to overspend. You select your bid and your maximum budget. You can either choose to spend a set amount daily or opt for a certain number of clicks. When you reach either limit, your ads stop for the day.
A good rule of thumb involves aiming for about five to ten clicks daily. We recommend running your campaign for at least three to four weeks.

Is That All You Need To Do for Dental Practice Google Ads?

Creating an ad for your dental office gives you a good start, but is it the best way to attract attention to your business profile? The answer is that the only way to know for sure may require tweaking the ad.

You will now run split ad tests in which you change one thing in the ad. You can, for example, vary the call to action slightly or change where you place the keywords. You’ll run both Google ads simultaneously to see which performs better with your target audience.

Does This Strategy Work for Any Dental Practice Landing Page?

Yes, you pay for results, so Google ads ensure that it positions your advertisement in an optimal spot. Achieving the same kind of positioning through on-site SEO is not only extremely challenging but also difficult to maintain.

PPC for dentists offers a simpler option, but it can be challenging to manage if you run a busy dental practice. The results also depend on the quality of your landing page. With the right focus on your dental practice and dental services, however, your Google ad campaign will be successful.

How We Advertise You as a Dentist Using Google Ads

Setting up a simple campaign is easy enough, and it will generate some results. However, if you want to optimize those results with a minimal budget, you need to use the “Expert Mode.” This unlocks several valuable features, which require some expertise to use.

Our team uses these features every day, so we ask you to create a list of your unique value propositions. We will use these as the basis on which to create a high-converting campaign. We then use expert features to run diverse campaigns like:

  • Video
  • Search Network
  • Shopping
  • Apps

We then set up your campaign according to three categories:

  • Campaigns
  • Account
  • Ad Groups

Google Advanced Keyword Research and Search Ads

We shine in identifying the right balance of keywords to attract the patients who need and can afford your services. Some dentists start by trying to outbid other users. While this broad targeting strategy will boost traffic, it becomes expensive very quickly.

Our team identifies the best value-for-money keywords and phrases, and then we take them to the next level. We look for high-value, low-volume key phrases to minimize your expenses.

For example, instead of targeting “dentists in Orlando, FL,” we might target “dental implants in Orlando, FL.” We use tools such as the Google Ads Keyword Planner Tool to correctly identify the right phrases and predict search volumes.

Negative Keywords and Your Google Ads Campaign

While key phrases are important, you will find it just as critical to avoid negative keywords. For example, if you want to advertise that you offer braces. Using the term braces might, however, also bring up back braces. That result won’t be useful at all, so you can use the term “back” as a negative keyword.

Negative Keywords and Your Google Ads Campaign

While key phrases are important, you will find it just as critical to avoid negative keywords. For example, if you want to advertise that you offer braces. Using the term braces might, however, also bring up back braces. That result won’t be useful at all, so you can use the term “back” as a negative keyword.

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How can Google Ads benefit my dental practice?

Google Ads enhances your online visibility and attracts potential patients searching for dental services. Its targeted approach ensures your practice is visible to the most relevant audience.

What differentiates Google Ads from other advertising methods?

Google Ads offers precise targeting based on keywords, location, and user intent, making it more efficient than traditional, broad advertising methods.

How does the right keyword selection impact my campaign?

Selecting appropriate keywords is critical. Targeting specific, low-competition keywords helps attract the right audience, maximizing your return on investment.

What should I consider when setting a budget for Google Ads?

Your budget should align with your marketing goals and the competition. Aim for a daily target of clicks, adjusting based on campaign performance to maximize effectiveness.

How does KickStart Dental Marketing optimize my Google Ads campaign?

Our team uses advanced Google Ads features and comprehensive keyword research to ensure your campaign targets the right audience effectively, focusing on high-value, low-volume keywords for cost-efficient results.