Where Top Dental Talent Meets Top Dental Practices.

What is DentalTalent?

DentalTalent is a comprehensive recruiting service that leverages over 15 years of dental industry
insight to deliver not just any talent but the right talent.

Our approach is rooted in our Launchpad Strategy, enabling us to identify and onboard dental
professionals who are skilled and perfectly aligned with your practice’s vision, values, and culture. This
ensures you get talent that scales with your practice, driving immediate results and sustainable growth.

Industry-Specific Expertise

With a laser focus on the dental sector, we understand the nuances that make dental practices unique. This enables us to identify candidates that only have the right skills and also the right mindset for your practice.

Strategic Partnership

We view ourselves as an extension of your team. Our goal is to understand your practice’s specific needs and challenges to ensure that our solutions align with your long-term objectives

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our innovative approach to recruiting allows us to find better talent at a lower cost. We streamline the hiring process, reducing time-to-hire and improving staff retention rates.

Comprehensive Support

From initial profiling to final onboarding, we provide end-to-end support to ensure a seamless integration of new talent into your practice.


KickStart Program


Perhaps you would like to screen candidates yourself. Then this program is for you!

  • In-depth needs analysis
  • Market competitive analysis
  • Dedicated recruiting manager
  • Indeed recruiting
  • Strategic talent acquisition
  • Professional, custom job description
  • 24/7 candidate tracking dashboard


Full-Service Program


This is a concierge-level service, so you won’t have to do anything but interview qualified candidates.

  • Everything from the “KickStart” program plus…
  • Facebook recruiting
  • LinkedIn recruiting
  • Employee referral program creation
  • Video pre-screening of applicants, you
    only get qualified candidates
  • Ability to schedule interviews for you (need
    calendar integration)


What is DentalTalent™?

DentalTalent is KickStart Dental Marketing’s premier recruiting service, tailored exclusively for the dental industry. With over 15 years of industry-specific insight, our service goes beyond traditional recruitment to match your practice with professionals who share your vision, values, and culture, fostering immediate results and sustainable growth.

How does DentalTalent™ differ from other recruiting services?

Our unique Launchpad Strategy sets us apart. We focus on the dental sector to understand the unique aspects of dental practices. This approach, combined with our comprehensive support and cost-effective solutions, enables us to deliver candidates who are not just skilled but also the right fit for your practice.

What kind of support does DentalTalent™ provide?

From the initial profiling to final onboarding, DentalTalent offers end-to-end support to ensure the smooth integration of new talent into your practice. Our services include in-depth needs analysis, market competitive analysis, dedicated recruiting manager support, strategic talent acquisition, and 24/7 candidate tracking.

How does DentalTalent™ ensure the right fit between talent and dental practices?

Through our Launchpad Strategy, we focus on aligning candidates with your practice’s vision, values, and culture. This involves a thorough understanding of your specific needs and challenges, coupled with our industry-specific expertise, to identify and onboard professionals who will drive growth and success in your practice.

What makes DentalTalent™ cost-effective?

Our innovative recruiting approach streamlines the hiring process, reducing time-to-hire and improving staff retention rates. This efficiency allows us to find better talent at a lower cost, offering significant savings and value to your practice.

How can I get started with DentalTalent™?

Getting started is easy! Contact us at or (303) 872-6067. We’ll discuss your practice’s needs and help you select the service package that’s right for you.

Is there a contract?

No, it’s month to month

Elevating Dental Teams

How DentalTalent Transforms Hiring with Industry-Specific Expertise

In today’s competitive dental industry, the importance of having a team that excels in their professional skills and aligns with your practice’s culture and values cannot be overstated. This is where the role of a dental-specific recruiting agency becomes crucial. DentalTalent, powered by KickStart Dental Marketing, has established itself as a leader in dental-specific recruiting, bringing over 15 years of focused experience to dental practices nationwide.

Understanding dental practices’ unique needs and challenges is at the core of what makes DentalTalent distinct. Unlike generic recruitment services, our approach is specifically tailored to the dental sector, ensuring that each candidate we recommend is not just a fit for the job but also for the culture and long-term vision of your practice. This specialized focus has made us the go-to dental recruiting agency for practices looking to enhance their team with the right talent.

Our Launchpad Strategy is a testament to our commitment to not just meeting but exceeding our clients’ expectations. By leveraging industry-specific insights and a comprehensive screening process, we identify professionals who are not only highly skilled but also share your practice’s values and commitment to excellence. This strategy ensures a seamless integration of new hires, driving immediate results and supporting sustainable growth.

The dental industry requires a nuanced understanding of clinical and interpersonal skills to thrive. DentalTalent excels in this aspect by focusing on these requirements, thus providing an unmatched recruiting service in effectiveness and efficiency. Our dedication to being a strategic partner to your practice means we offer support that goes beyond the hiring process, ensuring that the talent we bring on board contributes positively to your practice’s environment and patient satisfaction.

Cost-effectiveness is another cornerstone of our service. By streamlining the recruiting process, we reduce the time to hire and significantly improve staff retention rates. This not only saves your practice valuable time and resources but also ensures that you invest in talent that contributes to your practice’s long-term success. Whether you opt for our KickStart Program or the Full-Service Program, you’ll find that our pricing models are designed to provide maximum value, making DentalTalent a wise investment for any dental practice.

The role of a dental recruiting agency in today’s market cannot be understated. DentalTalent by KickStart Dental Marketing rises above traditional recruiting services by offering a laser-focused, cost-effective, and comprehensive solution tailored to the unique needs of dental practices.