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We can manage one service, your entire digital portfolio or anything in-between.

A great STRATEGy



Get the demographic right and create a compelling call-to-action. Develop a unique selling proposition (USP) answering the “why you” question.


Hone in on your potential patient’s emotions. You aren’t selling a product or service; you are selling a solution to a problem.


Remember, your marketing needs to speak to parents & guardians, not children. Your marketing theme needs to be all-around trust & security.


It will be critical to get the messaging right here. There are plenty of fee for service patients out there; you just need to know how to speak to them.


There is a substantial market for adult braces, and your marketing needs to adjust for this. Using social media to get referrals from past patients will be critical.


A strong start will be important. You will need to build credibility quickly, whether you are taking over an existing practice or starting from scratch. A lot of moving parts here; there is no time for mistakes or wasted money.



Dental Marketing Agency

identify your unique selling proposition & Ideal patient 

Competition is fierce, it’s important for you to be able to identify and tell potential patients why they should choose you.

  • We will help you identify who you should be targeting with your marketing efforts
  • We will push you to come up with a compelling unique selling proposition (USP) – why should someone choose you vs. your competition
  • Marketing becomes easier and much more cost-effective when you can identify who to market to and what to say 
  • Pro Tip:  Having a great staff and technology is not a good enough USP 
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Managing leads for your practice is not easy. Our mind-blowing DENTALFLOW™ system tracks all of leads and can even automatically follow-up with new patient leads for you!

  • The ability to connect you with online leads within 1 minute!
  • Track exactly how many new patients you receive from our campaigns
  • Track where your new patient leads are coming from 
  • Get accurate revenue estimates from new patients
  • Find potential gaps in lead follow-up
  • We listen to every call that comes in, we evaluate it and classify it for you
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We create stunning websites built with marketing science that will prioritize for conversions. Your website is your marketing hub; it’s critical to get this right.

  • We will either build you a new site or make your current site better
  • If you have a monthly marketing plan with us, we do not charge to build your website
  • We will add text & chat capabilities to your website
  • Our websites are lightning-fast
  • You can use our hosting at no cost
  • We include free edits & changes
  • You own the website & content from day one
SEO for Dentists

SEO that does more, way more

Everybody seems to “do” SEO these days. We have a unique method of doing SEO that increases your practices online exposure, builds your credibility, gets you in the news, and helps show your community pride.

  • Drastically increase your local organic Google rankings
  • Have quality content published each week
  • Our team will reach out to local organizations & events and negotiate budget-friendly sponsorship deals that will show your dedication to your community
  • We will create quarterly press releases that will be picked up by national networks like CBS, ABC, FOX, Clear Channel & more
  • Using a 200+ point SEO checklist and 11 years of experience, we will get you more visible than your competition
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review marketing

It’s true, potential new patients and even referrals pay attention to your online reviews. You need a system in place that gets reviews to the places the matter the most and puts them to work for you.

  • Our system integrates into your practice management software to manage this process
  • The key to success isn’t so much the system; it’s the content, timing, and follow-up
  • Our team responds to all good reviews for you and consult with you on any negative feedback that you may receive
  • We will promote some reviews on social media platforms, your website, Google My Business & more
  • We will run campaigns that ask patients that left you a positive review to share that review on their own Facebook page (creates a killer buzz effect)
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online advertising

We offer expert optimized management of your advertising to achieve your goals for Google Pay-per-click, Display Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube & more.

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Landing page creation 
  • Expert ad copy creation
  • Continuous testing 
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Transform your social media presence with high-quality content, daily activity, stories and building followers.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Positive review promotion
  • Content targeted at your demographic, not all about you
  • Drive referrals by leveraging your current patient base
Best Dental Marketing Customer Service

front desk training

Effectively handling “cold” new patient leads requires a much different skill set than normal call handling. We can help train your staff on how to close more new patients that don’t already know the awesomeness of your practice.

  • Online at their pace training
  • Staff will be required to pass a quiz at the end of training and will be sent a certification once completed
  • Staff will be required to do a quarterly freshen up training to stay current
  • Our team, while listening to new patient calls will offer feedback based on the training guidelines
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reactivation campaigns

Patient attrition rate is often not given enough attention by many dental practices. It’s easier and more cost effective to put a strategy in place to bring back your existing patient base. 

  • We will write proven content designed to get past patients back into your office
  • Using automated technology we will put this process on auto-pilot for you
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Revolutionize your dental practice with DentalTalent, offering tailored recruitment to match your culture and values, ensuring long-term success and growth.

  • Specializing in dental recruiting and understanding practice nuances for ideal candidate alignment.
  • Acting as an extension of your team, aligning recruitment with your practice’s goals.
  • Offering cost-effective recruiting, reducing hiring time and improving retention.
  • Providing comprehensive support from profiling to onboarding for seamless talent integration.