How to Use Your Google Business Profile to Get More Patients in 2023

Tune into Episode 10 of The No BS Dental Marketing Podcast where I will show you how to set up your Google Places listing and also give some tips on making sure you’re getting the most out of it!

Setting up Google Business Places is a great way to start marketing your practice and connecting with new customers. The platform offers metrics that can show you insights about your customer base, including Google reviews and follower numbers.

If you want to get the most out of Google Business Places, it’s important to stay engaged and active on the platform. Keep your page updated with new photos, posts, and changes as necessary, but try not to post too often! Additionally, focus on responding promptly and respectfully to Google reviews from past clients.

Finally, if you find yourself struggling with Google Business Places or would like more advice on how to increase your reach, consider outsourcing content creation or hiring a marketing manager for extra guidance. With some strategic efforts, Google Business Places can drive more customers towards your business!

Other subjects we covered on the show:

  • Reasons why it’s important to fill out Google Business Places correctly.
  • The benefit of filling out the “Description” section on Google Business Places.
  • Why is it important to fill out as much information as possible when setting up Google Business Places?

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[00:00:00] Narrator: Welcome to the Dental Marketing Podcast, a podcast that helps dentists win in the online world of modern day marketing. Each week, we cover the most cutting edge marketing tactics and strategies that are working right now across our client base to drive leads, phone calls, and more new patients for dentists.

[00:00:21] Now here’s your host and founder of Kickstart Dental Marketing, Chris Pistorius.

[00:00:30] Chris Pistorius: Hey everybody, and welcome to the No BS Dental Marketing podcast. I’m your host, Chris Pistorius, and on this show we talk about straight to the point, no BS tactics, tricks, and strategies that my company has been using successfully for over 13 years in dental marketing. Now, there’s no fluff here. That’s just great information that you can start using today to increase your bottom.

[00:00:55] So if you’re a dental practice owner or a manager, front desk professional or whatever, be sure to click on the subscribe button so that you can keep up with all of our latest episodes and latest tips and tricks. Now, today I want to talk about some no nonsense tips and things that you need really need to realize to be successful in marketing your practice.

[00:01:17] So let’s get to it. I get a lot of questions around what are some of the things, like some of the first things that I can do on my own to market my own dental practice or, you know, for practices that aren’t quite ready to get help from an agency like ours.

[00:01:31] What are some things that we can do, some tips or tricks that we can do to really help ourselves out a little bit? And there’s a long list of that for sure. But the first place I always recommend people start are is with something called Google Business Places.

[00:01:47] Now that may sound new to you. Because Google loves to change names of their products and services sometimes, and what I’m talking about Google Business places was just recently over a, they has changed the name maybe about a month or so ago from Google My Business.

[00:02:04] Right. And before that it was something else. So they keep changing the name a little bit, but it’s the Google My Business listing that you have, or now it’s the Google Business places. And this is a free listing that everybody has. It’s probably already been created for you. If you don’t already own your own profile, you should go and do that.

[00:02:23] I’m gonna show you how to do that in a second. One thing that I do want to share with you is that this is probably the foundation if you’re gonna do this on your own or you want a quick win for marketing, you really need to go and claim that Google business profile, fill it out. And I’m gonna actually go over that with you today and show you how we fill these things out.

[00:02:43] When we’re working for clients. Okay, I am gonna share my screen here so you can see some things as I go through them, but if you aren’t familiar with Google Business Places, if you’re just starting out and you’re not even sure if you have a profile or not just go into

[00:03:02] As you can see on my screen right up here this will really show you. This will get you to the page where you can go in and either sign in or manage now, if you’re not sure you have a page, you can kind of click into the manage now and it’ll take you through, okay, what’s your business name and things like that.

[00:03:18] I’m already logged in, so it’s not gonna show you kind of the same thing. It, it’ll show me. But this is where it all starts. If you need some help with this, let me know. I’d be more than happy to take you through this one-on-one as well.

[00:03:30] So what is Google Place? Google Business Places. Why is it so important?

[00:03:35] Okay, let me tell you. This is a search for a dentist in Austin, Texas, right? This is one of the most common searches along with like dentist near me or orthodontist near me, or, you know, something like that. So, you know, you do a search and a lot of times you’ll have paid ads that show up here at the top of the page, but this middle.

[00:03:55] Whenever you have some sort of geo modifier, like a city, a state, a zip code, or a phrase like near me Google will automatically bring back local results. And this is Google Business Places. So these are listings. Of like Shadow rock dentistry, castle Rock, dental Health, Oakwood Dental, they all have a free profile that they can go in and fill out this information.

[00:04:20] And so it’s incredibly important with your marketing strategy because this is a very well received page or a section within Google where a lot of local. Consumers make decisions on whether they’re gonna call you or click on you, or whatever it may be. I’m gonna date myself a little bit here, but this is like the new Yellow Pages, okay?

[00:04:45] Because it’s different than, you know, nobody loves paid ads, although a lot of times they don’t even realize they’re clicking on paid ads and they can work very well. But that’s another episode. But this middle section, this local section is gold because they can get a lot more information here than just even a regular listing underneath, right?

[00:05:03] They can get your website, they can get driving directions, they can see your reviews. I mean, if they click on these things and it opens up really what we call a knowledge panel. And they can see more pictures, they can get more information, they can see your popular times. All the reviews here, they can click from, it is just a lot of information.

[00:05:21] So there’s a lot that they can get off of this. So people really levitate to this. And in fact when we do marketing campaigns for Dentist, we track everything so we know where every lead is coming from. And I wanna show you, this is our latest report over the last 30 days. I’m gonna bring this up on my screen here and what this is showing you, let me zoom in a little bit.

[00:05:43] Is that these are all of our leads, and this is phone calls and this is also form fill outs. Okay? So if somebody fills out a web form, this is where all of our leads have come from over the last 30 days. And we represent quite a few dental practices throughout the country. So we had 8,000, little over 8,000 leads come in.

[00:06:02] This doesn’t include like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, stuff like that, but this does show us that G M B, which I don’t have it named properly in my system yet, it’s G B P for Google Business Places is by far the number one leader when it comes to how many leads are coming in. That middle section is really the Google My Business Places section is driving.

[00:06:29] Out of those 8,000 total leads for the agency, it’s driving over 3,600 of those leads came from that Google Business Place section. So really big chunk. And so that’s why it’s so important, if you get this thing right and you optimize it correctly, and you do good SEO with it, this middle section right here is gonna drive a bunch of new patients for you.

[00:06:52] In fact, I tell my clients that really SEO, and along with some paid advertising on Google, should really become your number two best source of new patients. Number one should always be word of mouth, but this should be number two, and sometimes this can even take over. Word of mouth just totally depends on what market you’re in and what your competition looks like, things like that.

[00:07:14] Now, the next question I get usually is, okay, well I filled out my profile, Chris. But I don’t sh I don’t see myself, right? So this is the problem with Google Business places is it’s incredibly important for a local dental practice to be listed here. But as you can see on the first page within this section, there’s really only four listings, right?

[00:07:34] And one of them, if you see here, is that paid ad. So you can do paid ads with Google and show up here as well. As well as up here. Right? And that’s what we do for our clients too, is we do some paid advertising in the beginning as well, so that they can get some exposure, and paid ads do very well for us.

[00:07:51] But one of these listings is a paid ad, and then there’s three, what we call organic listings where you don’t really pay to be there. It’s just how well you optimize your profile and how well your overall SEO is like on your website, your backlink, your content. I mean, there’s a checklist of over a hundred and some things that we do to get people to rank here, but the problem is, is that.

[00:08:14] People assume, and I’m using my air quotes here, that the best quality dentists are the ones listed right here. So there’s a lot of times they won’t click on this button to go to see more. It’s usually the decision is made within these first four. So it’s really important if you can, now, I’m not saying you can’t be successful if you’re not in the first three.

[00:08:34] We have a lot of clients that we can’t quite get into the top three. But there’s a lot that we do. And they do better than people that are like, say fifth. So they ask me, how do I get myself here? I’ve optimized my profile. What else can I do? So what I wanna take the time with this podcast to talk about is the actual profile itself and how you should fill it out, and go through those metrics.

[00:08:58] Okay? So that’s what we’re gonna get into next. Okay, so now we’ve logged into our Google business page and we’ve selected one of our clients here. And this is what it looks like when you wanna go and edit things or fill things out. It just brings back basically a Google page, right? But you can see what’s different up here is that it’ll say your Google business profile up here.

[00:09:21] Right. And then it will seek, give you options right here where you can actually go in and do edits and changes. So I just wanna show you what we’ve done for this client and how we’ve filled some things out and give you some tips on, on how you can do this yourself. Okay? So the first thing is edit profile.

[00:09:36] We’ll click on that. So this is the basics, right? This is your business name, your category, your description, things like. Now a couple of tips here. There are people that will go out and use a keyword in their business name. That’s a big no-no. And you can get in trouble for doing that from Google. So for instance, this is Dental Solutions of Central Park.

[00:09:57] That’s their actual business name. Okay. But some people will try to gain the system and it’s not usually the dentists that do this, it’s the agencies that work for them. Cause they’re trying to get some results quicker and it may get some quicker results, but in the long run it’s gonna hurt you because Google will see that you’re trying to spam the system and they’ll penalize you for it.

[00:10:16] So that they’ll put in like for instance, dental solutions of Central Park and then they’ll do a dash here and they go, you’re dentist in Aurora. Cuz they’re trying to put dentist. And keyword and a keyword geo modifier like City in there as well. And so that will help rankings a little bit but only short term until they catch up to you.

[00:10:36] So you want to use your actual legal business name in the business name section. Now, business category there’s a lot of categories up here and you can add a bunch of categories, right? My recommendation here though, from doing a lot of years of testing is don’t add categories that you don’t actually.

[00:10:52] Right. If you’re not a dentist and you don’t provide dental or cosmetic dental services, don’t add that as a category, okay? Because Google will be able to check that. And if you’re just, you know, trying to advertise for endodontist and, you know, orthodontist and everything else, and there’s not even services that you provide.

[00:11:12] They’re gonna spank you for that. Okay? So only use the categories that you actually are in and you actually provide services for. So like, you can click add categories, and as you start typing things in, you can see pediatric oncologist, cardiologist, or pediatric dentist, and you can select that.

[00:11:31] But don’t do it unless you do pediatric dentistry. That doesn’t mean you necessarily have to be a registered pediatric dentist, but you have to at least. Provide pediatric dentistry. So if you don’t see kids, don’t select it as a category. Pretty simple, but a lot of people get that wrong. Okay.

[00:11:47] A business description. This is hugely important. So you can see here that you have to be careful with this. You can’t be spammy anywhere If you read something and it feels even a little bit like spam. Then rewrite it because that’s not why we’re doing this. And Google is really big about quality of your content, not spamming in the system and trying to put keywords everywhere.

[00:12:10] Now we take the approach if we try to, you have 750 characters here. Okay? Do not just, copy off of your website and put it in here. Okay? That’s not what Google wants. That’s like duplicate content. It won’t get you in trouble per se, but it’s not gonna help you a whole lot either. You want really to write a good 700 and all the way up to 750 if you can characters about your practice.

[00:12:35] Now you can see that we’ve like slipped in a city and state here, right? And you know, that’s fine, you can do that. But don’t get spammy, right? So we’ve got like Dentists in Aurora Co here and you know, that applies to what we’re writing about. So it works. Okay. It works naturally, but don’t force it.

[00:12:52] Don’t put keywords in here that just don’t make sense towards your content. Use as much as this as you can. In this case, we would’ve tried to use all 750 because content is king with this. How Google determines if you’re gonna show up versus your competition could come down to something little like this.

[00:13:09] Like they have a better business description. Okay. Don’t use links in your business description. Don’t try to link to one of your pages on your website here. This isn’t the place for that. Okay? So description’s important. Be unique about it. I always tell people, let’s talk about your unique selling proposition here, right?

[00:13:28] We all know there’s 50 Dentist in every market, at least, right? So what makes you stand out from them? What’s the difference maker for you? And you can talk about that here, right? So that would be a good tip. Opening date. We don’t have an opening date here, so that’s bad on us. We should have that.

[00:13:43] Make sure you put in, you know, this year, month, you don’t have to put the day here, just the year and the month of when you started. Contact information, you know, you would think this is pretty basic, but you’d be shocked at how many people I see get this wrong. And by the way if you haven’t gone and claimed your business profile on Google, they will do their best to fill this stuff out for you because they’ll show you on there.

[00:14:06] The rules with Google is that for a dentist, you get one listing for your practice. So the practice name and then, professional, each dentist that works for the practice will get their own individual listing as well. Okay. They’ll make these for you if you don’t, cuz they’ll get information from census and, you know, different data points and they’ll try to fill these out for you.

[00:14:27] But the point to this is, is that sometimes the information that they fill in for you isn’t correct. Okay. Like phone numbers, addresses, descriptions categories, things like that. So make sure you go in and claim your profile and get all this stuff straightened out, but to phone number, this is where you set this up.

[00:14:44] Now, we use call tracking on these. So this first phone number is a call tracking phone number that we use so that we can record and listen to every call, and then my team will actually determine if it’s a good call or a bad call. And they’ll also flag it for quality assurance. If the call didn’t go great and maybe somebody at the front desk didn’t quite do what they were supposed to, we make sure that our clients know about that.

[00:15:07] But put the call tracking number first as the primary. But always make sure that you list your real phone number. So this practice’s actual phone number. Make sure you add that as an additional phone number here. Okay? Because what Google does is that they look at you all different sources. So you have a listing like on Yahoo, on Bing, on Yelp, on, you know, 50 of these other local sites, and they look for what we call NAP consistency.

[00:15:33] And that’s name, address, phone number, consistency. Okay. So we wanna make sure that that’s consistent and it’s okay to use a tracking number. Okay. But just make sure you also use your main phone number as well. Okay? And you put that as an additional phone number here. Okay?

[00:15:48] Website. Very easy. This is just a link to your website. This is how they know where your website is, and they do look at your website. When you put this link in here, they’re gonna look at how well op optimized, how fast does it load do you have page titles you know, different aspects of your website. So it’s important that you’ve got good SEO or search engine optimization tactics going on on your website as well.

[00:16:10] But this is the website short name. This is, if you just want to name. In fact it looks like you can’t edit them once you put it in. So we typically use this, it’s just a short name for Google to know who you are. And then people can see this as well. We just usually just use the practice’s name here.

[00:16:26] Okay. Covid 19, they’ve still got this thing hanging around. If you have information or a page on your website that is talking about your covid policies. You can put that here. If you have that page, definitely put it here. If you don’t, don’t force it. Menu link. This isn’t really for you. For dental practices, this would be more for like restaurants, things like that.

[00:16:44] So we typically leave that blank. Virtual care there, this client does not do virtual care, but if you do have a link where people can do telehealth or anything virtually, you can add that link right here. Now locations. This is this is an important one. So it’s gonna ask you for your business location and this is basically where you show your address.

[00:17:05] Okay? 2501 Dallas Street puts a point right on the map right here and you can actually adjust that cuz sometimes we’ve had clients that will put their address in here and it shows the big red dot here across the street from where they actually are. And that can cause some problems with your SEO rankings.

[00:17:23] So just make sure. Big red dot here or whatever this is, map posting is in the right spot, and if not, just go ahead and adjust it. Okay. Service area, so this one’s kind of controversial for dentists because, you know, service areas are typically done for like plumbers and, you know, people like that, that, you know, they’re office is in one location, but they service like the whole state or, you know, whatever it may be.

[00:17:46] So you can put specific markets here that you want to say that you service. Now if you’re a specialist, like an implant dentist or endodontist or something like that you know, people will travel for that. So you can definitely open up other markets with this. I think if you’re a local general dentist though probably just your business location would be fine.

[00:18:05] Okay. Business hours. Get this right. I mean, make sure it’s the same here. Make sure it’s on same on your website. Make sure it’s, you know, consistent everywhere. Okay. Holiday hours, you can go in here. Google loves it when you can update your holiday hours. So make sure you do that and people are paying attention to it and they’re looking at it.

[00:18:22] So you wanna make sure that this part of it certainly is accurate. Let’s see. You can put from the business, you can do. In addition here, these are what we call attributes. So if you’re Asian owned, black owned, and they kind of change these based on the practice. So these aren’t always exactly the same questions.

[00:18:38] So, you know, if you’re a veteran and you own this, or woman owned or whatever it may be, make sure you use these attributes. In this case, we didn’t do that, so I’m gonna go in and do that for them. Click save. Again, content is king, so you wanna make sure that you can fill out as much information in this as possible, cuz that will help you with your rankings.

[00:18:57] Some more attributes wheelchair accessible, restroom seating. So we’ve got all that done. Crowd you can put in things like L G B T Q friendly, transgender safe space. Accepts new patients, of course, I’m gonna go ahead and click accept. And that’s the other thing. Google will sometimes just automatically go through and review these and come up with suggestions for you.

[00:19:18] So it’s not like you can just do this and click save and say, hey, I’m done with it. Right? You need to go back, and definitely take a look at these. Typically my team will look at these our profiles at least once a week to see if anything crazy has changed, cuz Google will change things on their own too.

[00:19:34] So you’ve just gotta kind of keep an eye out and make sure that everything is square for you. Okay, so, and then there’s got some service options here as well. Online care, you know, what languages do you speak, things like that. Okay? So fill as much as that information out as you possibly.

[00:19:49] Narrator: Are you looking to grow your practice but are a little unclear on what the best way is? Let us help you out. We have over 13 years of experience in helping practices just like yours, increase new patient growth. Just go to and sign up for a free strategy session where we will give you some great insights on how to take your practice to the next level.

[00:20:16] Chris Pistorius: All right, so I’m gonna go back here.

[00:20:18] You can read your reviews here. I’m gonna give you a tip with this. So these are all the reviews, and you can see that we actually do this for our clients. We respond to all the reviews for them. Make sure you do that. Respond to every review that comes in. And there’s two reasons for this. Number one, when your patient takes the time out of their day to leave you a good review.

[00:20:37] At least assure the common courtesy to respond to that. Because once you respond, they get a notification that you did respond to that. And they like that. Okay? Secondly, your potential new patients are looking at these reviews, trust me. And when you can go outta your way and write a unique, you know, something a little bit different every time in terms of a response, they like to see that because they see you’re on top of it.

[00:20:59] They see that you care, right? So respond to every one of these reviews and this is where you can do that, right? Okay.

[00:21:09] Okay. Photos. This is a big deal too. Make sure you have photos you can add. You can’t add enough photos. Let me put it that way. Okay? Put as many as you can in here. So photos of inside of your practice, your logo, your cover photo. Fill this out. Put as many photos as you possibly can in here, however, don’t use stock imagery.

[00:21:31] Use actual photos typically from your cell phones better because when you take a photo from your cell phone, it puts like some geotagging information, like location and longitude, latitude, things like that. And that seems a little bit more unique and a little bit more special to Google. So if you can do them with a cell phone, do them.

[00:21:49] If you’ve had professional phoshop, that’s fine too. But just don’t use stock images. It just doesn’t look good either. People can tell that they’re stock. Performance. This is a cool one because this, you can go in and actually see your performance on your Google business profile. So like for instance, this is July through December.

[00:22:06] It looks like they’ve had 1300 interactions, which you can click these and it’ll these little I dots and it’ll actually tell you what that means. Okay. It’ll even show you things like calls and how they discovered you. Like what they typed in. Dentist near me, Dentist I told you a couple of the most popular dental solutions is Central Park.

[00:22:27] So I mean, obviously that’s a direct result cuz they’re looking for their name. You can see how they got to your profile. Was it mobile or desktop? A lot of different criteria here. You can see phone calls that have come in that doesn’t get real detailed, like tell you who calls, but we use our call tracking stuff for that.

[00:22:43] But at least show you kind of a trend of how things are going. You can also turn on online messaging on your profile, when you do that, I believe it’s from the app, but they may have just changed that with this recent name. And people can actually interact with you online through messaging. You can do bookings online if you want to.

[00:23:00] I don’t suggest that. You can see how many people got driving directions to your profile. And then finally, you can also see how many clicks from your profile to your website, so you can see quite a few. I mean, 1300 even looked at it and then, you know about almost half of that actually clicked through to the website. So that’s how important the website is in this process as well.

[00:23:21] Advertise, I don’t recommend this. This takes you to a platform that’s a super dumb down version of Google Ads. The problem with it is they make it really simple, but they turn off a lot of the features that really makes Google Ads work well. So I don’t suggest that you try the advertising part of this.

[00:23:38] Insurance. This is certainly something that you need to take a look at is if you accept insurance, I believe this client is a fee for service. So what you’ll wanna do is add any insurances that you accept right here. It will help the profile. Again, content is king.

[00:23:52] Products. Sometimes you sell some products, right? So you know, product services, things like that. So we’ve got like preventative, cosmetic, restorative, emergency put all that stuff in here. It’s great, it’s great content and it’ll help you.

[00:24:07] Q&A, so this is where people will go online onto your profile. I’ll show you where it happens. And they’ll ask questions. Let’s see here. Let me find that. See, questions and answers so people could click this and ask a question to you. Right, and then you can actually use the Google Business Profile platform, Google Business Places platform to respond to those.

[00:24:27] So again, another reason to be on the lookout and check these regularly is to see if you have any questions from potential new patients and you can also set this up to get alerted when that happens. Cuz when you start your profile, they’ll ask for your email address, things like that. And when somebody asks a question, it’ll typically alert you that they’ve done that. So a great way to interact with patients for sure.

[00:24:49] Add an update. Now this is something that we do quite a bit and hopefully we’ve got an example here. Yeah, so these are updates right down here. You can see that, they’re basically like mini blogs is what I call them. So you can actually do mini blogs within your Google business profile, and these mini blogs will help you rank.

[00:25:07] So you can see it’s just typically short snippets. You can put an image and I can’t remember, we’ll look at it in a second of actually how many characters you get for this, but on each one you can see 30 views, you know, zero clicks 35 views. So you can see how many people are actually looking at these things as well.

[00:25:24] But this is a great opportunity to create content and make sure Google knows about it. So we typically will do these about twice a week. It’s a great place if you have offers, you can do offers as well. Whatever your offer is, start date, end date. So maybe it’s teeth whitening, maybe it’s free consultation for cosmetic procedures whatever it may be.

[00:25:43] And events. So if you do an open house or grand opening, you know, anything like that, you can promote the the event on this as well. Okay. But this is where those will show up. Lemme go back up here, ask for reviews. So this will generate a link for you. So I’m gonna copy this link and you can do it for email, WhatsApp, or Facebook.

[00:26:02] And these links are important because they’ll actually take you directly to the review page. So if I open up another browser here and I paste in that link, Not only does it pop up dental solutions of Central Park, it pops up the actual page where people can just go in and leave a review right then and there.

[00:26:20] So you’re saving them a little time versus just sending them a link to this profile page, right? So great way you can put this link in on your business cards, on your website. It’s typically what we do, try to make it as easy as possible for people to leave you reviews.

[00:26:35] And that’s most of the setup. Now you will see this is that turn on chat, so you can turn on the live messaging right from here. If you want to do that again, you’ll get notified when somebody wants to chat. As long as you have all of your information set up correctly they’ll give you reminders on confirming your holiday hours.

[00:27:01] You know, you’ve got a new star, five star review here that they want you to respond to. So they’ll give you, you know, some help here as well. And it’s great guidance. You know, November performance, add an exterior photo, right? Take a picture of your building and put it on. These are all just little things that you can do to really help establish.

[00:27:19] So I’m gonna wrap up here in just a second, but when I’m asked this and I’m asked, you know, what’s one of the things that I can do to help promote my practice myself and for free, this is it. If you can do a very good job of this, put as much content as, as you can, especially if you’re in a smaller market, just doing this might be enough to rank you, typically in mid-size markets or larger size markets.

[00:27:41] It probably won’t be, but you know, this will help the process. Okay? And this will also help for people that already know who you are or they’ve been referred to you. They’ll do a search for your name on Google. And this is the kind of stuff that’ll pop up on Google first. So even though maybe they didn’t find you organically, they’re searching for you and you want to be able to provide those word of mouth referrals as much information as you possibly can in talking about your unique selling proposition.

[00:28:08] Because even though they were referred to you, that’s not an automatic that they’re gonna go with you, right? Because it’s, you know, they can check you out online, they can look at stuff like this, and they’re also offered your competition when they do these searches. So you just wanna make sure you make it as much of a no-brainer as possible to do business with you.

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