Dental Marketer Announces Free Giveaway of Book on Dental Marketing

Dental Marketer Announces Free Giveaway of Book on Dental Marketing

KickStart Dental Marketing, a nationally-recognized dental marketing agency, announces that it is holding a free book giveaway on its website. The book, The Ultimate Guide To Internet Marketing For Dentists, is written by KickStart founder and CEO, Chris Pistorius. Pistorius provides readers with the fundamentals, techniques, tools, and tricks that will dramatically increase the online visibility of dental practices and will help drive in more new patients each month. This resource is invaluable for dentists looking to take advantage of digital marketing strategies. While the book is for sale on Amazon, people can download the guide for free by signing up on the KickStart Dental Marketing Homepage.

For over twelve years, Chris Pistorius has helped dental practices gain new patients through intelligent internet marketing. He has worked for influential marketing companies such as AOL Time Warner, SpotRunner, and Dex Media. He also holds several online marketing certifications from companies such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. To learn how dentists and other businesses can get the most out of their online marketing efforts, Pistorius received training directly from the corporate headquarters of Google. He shares this knowledge by traveling around the country, giving free online marketing seminars for dental practices, as well as hosting regular webinars on various dental marketing strategies.

Pistorius’ online marketing agency, KickStart Dental Marketing, focuses on helping dental practices discover, obtain, and retain more patients. With customers making billions of local Internet searches each year, the Internet has become the most powerful advertising medium available today. A forward-thinking dental practice will capitalize on this vital tool.

KickStart Dental Marketing is a boutique agency, which enables the company to handcraft each marketing campaign from scratch and provide exceptional client support. KickStart’s online marketing experts function as a local internet marketing department for dental practices. This team runs the daily marketing operations for clients so that dentists can focus on running their practice. Because the company only serves dentists, the team understands industry-specific terminology, dynamics, and trends. Also, KickStart only works with one dental practice in each market. This best practice eliminates any conflict of interest and allows the team to focus their efforts to help a client succeed.

KickStart Dental Marketing is a full-service digital agency focused entirely on serving the dental industry. Led by Chris Pistorius, the company provides online marketing services that are proven to drive new patient counts. When the KickStart team manages a dental office’s digital marketing, the dentist can focus on taking care of people’s oral health.


To download a free copy of The Ultimate Guide To Internet Marketing For Dentists, visit the KickStart Dental Marketing homepage at For more information about dental marketing, contact the team by phone at 1 (303) 872-6067.