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Hey everybody, hope you are well. I am hunkered down in my basement still in the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado, or at least the surrounding area tonight. And it’s almost midnight here. But I wanted to get this out as soon as possible because I am extremely excited about this and I think you will be too. But I’m not dressed very well. I’m still in kind of lockdown mode. I’ve got a hat on because my hair’s out of control. I’m not even sure it can be combed at this point so got to go with the hat for a while. But anyway, I hope you won’t mind, but I wanted to get this out to you as soon as possible. We have really taken the last few weeks and really worked on our processes our procedures. I know I’ve spoken with a lot of you personally and I’ve kind of discussed a little bit of this with you, but we’ve also enhanced our service offerings.

And this isn’t the only video you’re going to get from me about this. There’s going to be more in the coming weeks, but I wanted to get this out as soon as possible because this is going to roll out this week, and for some of you it already has. So we’re talking about something here that is a free upgrade to you. I’m not going to charge you any more money for this, although I probably should but I’m not. This is going to be essential to the way you communicate with patients. So as of starting tonight, a lot of you are going to be able to start communicating with patients via text message. Right? Makes sense. How many people text nowadays? Almost everybody. Really no matter what age you are, everybody’s texting. Some prefer to text and some don’t, but why not give people the capability to communicate with you in as many ways as they want to, especially new patients, right?

Because we want them to connect with you. So I’m going to take you through a quick demo here of how this works, but just a couple of quick points. There’s no extra work really for your front desk staff. Don’t worry about that. I’ll show you in a second. It’s going to be everything of the success of marketing is how’s your followup process and we’re going to talk a little bit about that. And the importance of quickly following up with these will be essential because they are text messages and people are going to expect a pretty quick response. Okay? And if you need help with your followup process by the way, or how to communicate with these people quicker, let me know. I’ve pretty much become the expert on that by now. And the really cool thing about this is everything is HIPAA approved. This is all HIPAA compliant. So we don’t have to worry about PHI and protecting that. It’s all done for us.

Just a little side note on that. I’m going to do another video shortly on HIPAA compliance. When it comes to marketing. Some of you may be very surprised by what you are dependent upon in terms of marketing. You have to protect new client information even if they’re not a client. And a lot of the federal government cases are now going into dental. I get a report of all the new cases every month and I will tell you that there’s a lot of details that might shock you. So I want to make you feel better about your relationship with us and that this is completely 100% HIPAA compliant as well as in our entire service space is HIPAA compliant. But again, that’s another video and I’m going to talk more about that in another week or so.

But anyway, let’s get to this. So you can see here we’ve got a one of our client’s websites, Aspen Dental, awesome practice here in Denver. Nice website built by us. I’ll put a little plug in there, right? But you’ll see down here in the bottom right, we’ve got this little chat button, right? And I just want everybody to know that this is going to be enhanced a little bit in the next week or two to say something more like, have a question, chat with us, something like that. It’s going to look a little bit more friendly and not quite as hidden. I don’t want it to be intrusive by any means, but I want people to know that it’s there. So that’s coming. But anyway, you click on this and it’s very simple. I wanted to keep this simple and straightforward. Essentially have a question, text us. Enter your question below and someone from our team will get back to you instantly during business hours, right?

So I did say instantly, and we can change this verbiage for what you want, but remember, text messaging is quick. So they’re going to want a quick response and you’re going to want to give them a quick response. So it’s just simple name, phone, message, and then a little disclaimer saying, hey, you gave us this, we’re going to respond. And rates may be applied, text messaging rates, right? Everybody has kind of the all you can eat anyway, I think of text messaging now. But anyway, now what’s cool about this is think about what you’ve already captured in just a few seconds, right? You got somebody to opt in and you’ve gotten their name and mobile phone and then whatever information they want to give to you, right? So how could that be valuable even if they don’t book a new appointment with you right now?

Well, what I would do is I would take this information in a list and we’ll be able to provide that for you. Look to see who’s maybe not a new patient and then remarket to them. We could do text messaging campaigns now, right? Because they’ve opted in. They’ve given us permission to reach out to them so we can send them text messages and market to them that way. So it could be a great tool ongoing marketing as well. All right? So basically I’m just going to fill this out real quick with my name and my number. I just gave everybody my cell phone number. I think you had it already though. And then I’ve already done this, so I’m just going to put blah, blah, blah. And then you just basically click Send. And it’s just going to say, thanks. We’ll be in touch very shortly, right?

So what happens on your end is that you are sent an email. Okay? And let me show you what this email’s going to look like here. Maybe, let’s see, here it is. Okay. So the title is going to be Immediate Action Needed. The patient sent a text, Chris Pistorius. So it’s got the patient, somebody texted you and their name right here, which is cool. It’s from Jen and a patient just texted you, please respond to them ASAP. Here are their details. So we timestamp it. Because we want to know what time they’re coming in and it’ll show the date as well. This one didn’t just because I’m still kind of fine-tuning it, but it will. New or existing patient, name, phone, email if appropriate. And where it gets this email and new or existing patient as if they’ve contacted you before, the system will automatically fill this information in.

And then whatever message that they put in here, right? So you’ll see the body of the message too. So you might be thinking, well how do I text message them back? Well, you don’t, and here’s the reason why. If it’s a new patient and even an existing patient, they’re going to have specific questions about insurance, rates, availability, things like that. And it’s just not going to be feasible to text back and forth and make that reliable, right? So you need to pick up the phone and give them a call and get them on the phone and you want them to talk to your front desk anyway because your front desk people hopefully are trained and know how to close these new patient leads that come in. If they don’t talk to me about that as well. But anyway, we want a phone conversation out of this.

We’re going to give them a way to text us to communicate to us, but then we’re going to follow up with a phone call. And it’s as simple as that. That’s all you’ve got to do. So you’ve got to have somebody make sure that they’re manning their email and if they see these come in and respond as quickly as humanly possible. I know things get busy there, but you really do need to have the resources in your office, in my opinion, to be able to handle new patient leads. Because that’s what’s going to drive your patient base. And this is for existing patients too. We could have people initiate their first conversation with you via text and then you follow up with them. So it could take some stress off the front desk of having to answer a phone so quickly. This they can get back to them if it’s an existing patient. Right?

So it’s got a few benefits here. But that’s really all there is to it. It’s all HIPAA approved. It’s not really a lot of extra work. And what’s best of all, it’s an absolutely free upgrade. So I’m excited about this. There’s going to be more upgrades like this coming out in the next couple of weeks. Please let Jen and I know have any questions about this. But you’re going to start seeing this little blue button here, popping up on your radars very soon on your websites and now you know what to expect on the email side of it. Okay? And what that means. So I’d love to have you maybe even have your front desk look at this video, explain to them, train with them a little bit on, hey, you’re going to get an email sometimes from Kickstart, Jennifer, and it’s going to say, immediate response or whatever it was.

We need you to respond to that very quickly. That’s really all the training that needs to be done and just explain to them and show them that it’s a text widget basically on your website and that’s another way that patients are going to be able to communicate with you. So hopefully I covered everything. I did this really quickly. It’s midnight. I’m tired because I worked all day, but I wanted to get this out. I’m excited. Let me know what you think, please. Let me know of any questions, comments, concerns, whatever it may be. But I think this is really exciting and this is going to be a great way for you to help grow your practices. So thanks again for watching and we’ll talk to you very soon.