Hey guys, it’s Chris with the top rated dental marketing agency, KickStart Dental Marketing. I just got off the phone with the dentist of a potential brand new practice. And we talked about front desk staff and what they should do when they’re looking to hire a front desk staff. And I thought, “Why not shoot a minute or two video on my thoughts on this. And it might help somebody else in our community?”

So, I wanted to talk about that really quickly in the sense that most dental practices, what we’ve found over the last 10, 11 years that we’ve been doing dental marketing is that, a lot of dental practices will hire front desk people, but they won’t think about these front desk folks as having sales skills. And I think that’s a mistake because truth be known, if you’re doing marketing or if you’re on insurance lists, things like that, you should be getting a good influx of phone calls and inquiries into your practice from people that don’t know who you are. And you need somebody that’s very skilled at that front desk position in sales to help portray your value, schedule those appointments and get them into your chairs.

So, you may want to think about the next time you’re hiring a front desk staff person in that, do they have sales skills? And if they don’t, that’s okay. But are they coachable? Will they be willing to learn new skills and get better at their jobs? So, it can be literally a make or break for a dental practice that is looking to grow of having somebody that’s answering the phones that has some skills in terms of turning cold leads into new patients. So, just some thoughts on that. I hope it helps you. And let me know if you have any questions.

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