Transforming Smiles, Boosting Profits: How We Skyrocketed a Dental Practice’s Success

Transforming Smiles, Boosting Profits: How We Skyrocketed a Dental Practice’s Success

Discover the powerful impact of targeted dental marketing with KickStart Dental Marketing’s latest success story. In this detailed case study, we dive into how we partnered with an established dental practice to not only improve their online presence but significantly increase their patient numbers and net income.


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Hey everybody, it’s Chris again with Kickstart Dental Marketing. Today I want to share a quick client case study with you. Now, I can’t name the client because they don’t want to be named, but I want to go over their actual results with you and just kind of show you what’s capable for your practice out there. So this particular client is based in the second largest city in Colorado. So it’s a very competitive market. They actually have two locations that we help manage for them. They’re a family dentist. They do some cosmetic, and they really wanted to promote CEREC more than anything. And then when they started with us, they had a very limited footprint. They had a lot of ambitious goals, but they didn’t have much of a digital footprint. They didn’t have much visibility, no real online reviews, things like that. So that’s kind of where we started from.

They obviously needed more new patients, but the thing about them is they just didn’t want any patient. Okay? So they are a fee for service office. So they only do cash business basically, and they wanted that right kind of quality new patient and they really needed to beef up their social proof, kind of their authority, get more reviews and promote more reviews. So that’s kind of where we started with this client. So I want to show you just a quick slide here. This is a screenshot from our actual internal reporting system. We provide our clients with a 24 7 marketing dashboard that they can log into at any time and see what’s going on. So this is just one screenshot from that, but you can see how they did. Basically this was for January of 2024. They spent a total of $2,496 for that month between paid ads, our fees, all of that fun stuff.

They got 70 verified leads. And when I say verified leads, we have a team of people that actually listens to every call that comes in. They look at every text that’s sent in and any form that’s filled out and they verify that it’s an actually qualified new patient for this practice. They’re looking to make sure that their fee for service, right, they’re not Medicaid or something like that, that they want a service that our client provides. That’s what we really consider and count as verified leads. So 70 verified leads, that’s not just total phone calls. That breaks down to about $36 per verified lead, which is in this industry really good. We have with them a closed goal of 50%. So basically if we send 70 verified leads to them, the goal is to get 35 of those scheduled. We change that goal based on our practice.

Some of our clients do 30%, some do a little bit higher. It just kind of depends where you’re comfortable. And then we have a calculation of basically, all right, well if we brought you 70 and you did get 35 to schedule, that should be worth about 17 $500 to your practice just for that month. Now, those are just kind of numbers and these aren’t actuals, but the verified leads, the money spent, the cost per verified lead, that’s all good solid information, and that’s not really counting what the lifetime value. So if they did get 35 new patients in the door, let’s say 30 of those stay long-term, how much revenue is that worth year over year, month over month? So a really good story for them. And this next slide kind of shows the last three months, November, December into January. In November they did 73 December, slowed down a little as it does a little bit in dentistry for new patients, 55, and then January back up to 70.

This chart over here shows their website traffic from back in April of 2023, going all the way up from 500 or so visitors to 2000 visitors. So a lot of the work that we did with our SEO campaigns and some paid marketing campaigns as well has really not only helped get in patients and traffic, but the right kind of patients and traffic as well. So we’ve been able to really tweak it to dial it in, if you will, to the right audience. So we built them a great website. We’re doing SEO, we’re doing Google Maps optimization. We have been able to grow their online reviews tremendously as well, which helps with the SEO, and it just helps with branding and it helps with that social proof. We are doing some paid ads for them right now on Google and Facebook. And then this pre precision tracking software that we have that I’ve showed you some screenshots from, has really gone a long way as well. So anyway, I just wanted to share with this with you and just give you some inspiration of if you’re a struggling practice or you’re a little stagnant, this is the kind of stuff that you can expect and you should be able to really work towards. Now, if you need some help with this shameless plug, we’re here for you. Kickstart Dental Marketing. Our phone number’s (303) 872-6067, or you can go right to the website and you actually schedule a one-on-one strategy session with me, and that’s at kickstart Thanks. Talk to you soon.