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Welcome to another episode of The HERO Show. I am your host Richard Matthews (@AKATheAlchemist), and you are listening to episode 216 with Chris Pistorius – An Individualized Marketing Care for Your Success.

Chris Pistorius is the founder of Kickstart Dental Marketing—a full-service dental marketing agency, born out of the idea that they can help dentists & orthodontists win online by providing excellent marketing strategy, creativity, and leveraging technology to get great results.

While Chris specializes in dental marketing, other medical professionals, marketers, entrepreneurs, and businesses can learn from his digital marketing experience of over 15 years. Chris has worked with countless local business owners, in all industries, across multiple facets of marketing, consulting, and coaching.

Chris has built his local digital marketing agency into one of the top marketing agencies in the country, as listed on UpCity, SEO For Growth, DesignRush, Expertise & AgencyVista.

Here’s just a taste of what we talked about today:

The Superpower of Developing the Offers & Getting Right into the Market

Chris’s superpower is the ability to connect consumers with dentists. He has a knack for understanding who their clients specifically want to reach.

One of the first things they do with a campaign is to create a new patient avatar, where they figure out exactly to whom their client’s target market is aimed. Through the years, they have gained a good track record of coming up with profiles and putting their clients’ messages in front of those demographics.

Driving Force: Bringing Truth to People

Chris’s driving force is to make sure people know the truth and would know the difference between agencies who are just looking to make a quick buck and agencies, like Kickstart, who really help a dentist grow and increase their bottom line.

Their goal is for dentists to spend more time with their families and go on more vacations. An agency should really be concerned about that and not where their credit card goes through every month.

Other Topics We Covered on the Show:

  • We get to know what Chris is known for, the people he serves in his business, and the services they provide.
  • Then, Chris shared his origin story. Seeing most dentists thoroughly confused with online marketing strategies led him to build his own marketing agency.
  • Chris shares how he transfers the alchemy skill in marketing to his team.
  • Being a perfectionist has been Chris’s fatal flaw in his business. He overcame this flaw by letting go and trusting people to handle some business processes.
  • Chris’s common enemy in his business is expectations. Most of their clients expect immediate or instant results. They fight to overcome this enemy by reminding them great marketing campaigns do not happen overnight.
  • In terms of business, Josh Nelson from Seven Figure Agency has been one of Chris’s personal heroes, including the show Entourage.
  • Lastly, Chris’s guiding principle in his business is to leave their clients better than when they found them.

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The HERO Challenge

Today on the show, Chris Pistorius challenged Mark Cuban to be a guest on The HERO Show. Chris thinks Mark is a fantastic person to interview because he built his company in a very inspiring way. Mark has the grit to do whatever it takes to be successful with his business. That kind of grit is how he built his billions.

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