Not every dentist has a budget to hire an SEO agency to do their SEO work, so we try to help some dentists do their own. I thought it would be helpful to show you a list of the tools that we use in our everyday work, so that it may help you DIY SEO guys…

Ahrefs – This tool will tell you what sites link back to your website, but it also will show you what backlinks your competitors have. There is a monthly charge for this tool, but it’s the best backlink tool out there in my opinion.

CrazyEgg – This is a cool tool! It will actually generate a heat map of of exactly where your website visitors click and scroll. You can see what parts of your site are being used the most and then beef up your content and call to action on those pages. This is about $10 per month.

Google’s Mobile Friendly Test – This makes sure your site is mobile friendly, a ranking factor for Google now. (free)

Google’s Page Speed Test – This makes sure your site is fast enough, another ranking factor for Google! (free)

Moz Local – It will do a scan (for free) and give you a rough picture of what major local directories you are listed in, and if your information is correct. There is also a paid version of this that we use to help clean up directory listings.

Copyscape – This checks to see if the content on your website is unique or not. (there is a free version and paid)

Rev – If you do videos or podcasts, this can be quite helpful. For a fee Rev will transcribe your audio or video into text, this can be great if you need more content on your website.

Google Analytics – You probably already know this one, but it’s a great free tool for tracking how many visitors are coming to your site, where they came from and other key analytics.

Pixlr – This tool lets you edit and resize images for free.

LeadPages – If you are looking to build a landing page, this paid service is very good – it is a drag/drop builder.

Google My Business Insights – You can log into your GMB profile and see all kinds of great stats like how many time your profile showed up in a search, how many calls you received (from a mobile device), how many clicked for driving directions, etc.

There are many more, but this should get you started!