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Chris (00:00):

Hey everybody. It’s Chris Pistorius, the CEO of KickStart Dental Marketing.

Chris (00:04):

Are you ready for the bounce back? Well, let me tell you what I mean by that. So I’ve sent a few videos out over the last few weeks during this COVID-19 crisis, and we’ve talked about transition periods and so I want to share with you a transition period that we’re seeing right now in the dental industry, and that’s the transition of your potential new patients and your existing patients starting to come out of the fear and the uncertainty and the anxiety and more into the pivoting, if you will, to the, “Hey, let’s get out and do stuff.” And some of you are already open and you know what I’m talking about, you’re feeling that. Or some of you right now are busy getting your offices ready to reopen in the next few days. So I want to take just a couple of minutes here and talk about the importance of capitalizing on this transition and how you can really use it to your advantage.

Chris (01:00):

I think that right now, your mind thought needs to be around aggression and being prominent. And what I mean by that is that there’s really two backlogs going on right now. There’s a backlog of pent up demand from your existing patients, these are people that might have had an appointment scheduled weeks ago and they haven’t been able to get in and those have just been piling up, and now they’re chopping at the bed, if you will, to get in. Pun intended. And you’re probably dealing with that right now, if you’re open. But more importantly, I think, is that there’s also a pent up demand of potential new patients. These are folks that might’ve been in the process of finding a new dentist when all of this stuff happened or people along the way that all of a sudden need a dentist and it’s been a priority for them. So I think that pent up demand is a separate thing and something that you really need to be able to capitalize on.

Chris (02:00):

I’ve talked to my current clients, and if you’re not a current client, please take this as a solid piece of advice, I think we need to get more aggressive in the next four to six weeks on being more prominent. And what I mean by that in more specific detail is to existing patients, you need to be sending out a communication to them on a weekly basis.

Chris (02:20):

And that’s not too much right now. You cannot over communicate right now to your current patient base. You need to talk to them about how you’re preparing, you need to talk to them about what you’re doing, you need to talk to them about the process, you need to talk to them about extended hours, perhaps. You need to stay in constant communication. You need to really specifically talk to them about the precautions you’re taking. For instance, some of our clients right now are having people wait in their cars and then they receive a text message when it’s time for their appointment. Others are spreading, if they have a big waiting room, they’re spreading things out there, they’re taking out toys and magazines, things like. But all of this is vital information to your patient base because it’s going to make them feel better and it’s going to make them more comfortable in coming into your office.

Chris (03:07):

And that goes for new patients too. If they see this kind of stuff on your website, for instance, or even a short video of you going over it in your office, right on your homepage, that can really make you stand out from your competition and you more likely to get that new patient in your local market.

Chris (03:25):

So back to the new patient stuff, we just talked about how we can be more prominent to our existing patient base, but what about the new patients? I think for the next four to six weeks are going to be critical to capitalize on this pent up demand of potential new patients. And I think that you need to be more prominent in SEO, which is your Google rankings, you need to get those increased. You need to start doing paid advertising on Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, it depends what market you’re in, it depends on your budget, I get all of that, but we can help you through that. But right now is the time to be the most prominent you may have ever been and that’s going to let you capitalize on this bounce back period.

Chris (04:12):

I just want to make sure we talk about the bounce back and you’re like, “Duh, I’m open, I’m ready to go” but we don’t always think about the details around it. And I just want to make sure that you’re thinking about everything and that you’ve got your mind in the right place, and you’re not just open. We’re going to try to capitalize this and take advantage of this pent up demand because quite frankly, hopefully for this situation, anyway, this is something that doesn’t occur in a very long time, so there is some opportunity here.

Chris (04:41):

So if you’re a current client and we haven’t talked about this yet, please reach out to myself or Jennifer, set up a time and we can go over this and talk specifically about your practice and what I think we should do for the next few weeks. And if you’re not a client, feel free to reach out to me, I’d be more than happy to jump on a call, talk for a few minutes absolutely for free and give you some sound advice, or hopefully some sound advice. But either way, just reach out to me, the phone number’s here on the video or my email address is here as well, and we can get something set up. Thanks again and let me know of any questions.

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